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Former CBS Journalist: CBS News Under Daily Pressure from Government Officials on What They Can Report

Award Winning Investigative Journalist Sharyl Attkisson Testifies at Subcommittee on Press Freedom


WASHINGTON D.C.—This morning Award-Winning Investigative Journalist Sharyl Attkisson shared her experience at CBS. Attkisson says while she was at CBS, the government intervened in news coverage everyday—often pressuring CBS to shut down whole news stories without reason.

Leaving one to conclude CBS doesn’t work for ‘We the People’ or even corporate interests—but has been exposed as a State Controlled Media outlet, which is something many other outlets in the corporate media world are likely guilty of as well.

This is not how media should ever work in a free country. This is how totalitarian regimes control the narrative.

Attkisson added that CBS was constantly pressured by members of Congress, the White House & the intel agencies on what stories CBS should or should not cover

CBS should shutter this relationship with the government immediately if they wish to restore the public’s trust which is at historic lows for most mainstream media outlets.

Sharyl Attkisson: “It was my position when political officials call into the newsroom, there should be a policy where we tell them if they object to something or have a factual issue that they should put it in writing and send it in. But there are these extensive conversations that go on behind the scenes.

…I felt a great deal of pressure channeled through my employers. I was told that certain stories weren't going to air because we were getting phone calls. And even though there was nothing wrong with the stories, let's just let it rest for a day. Let's pick it up another time.

They're [the government] Really Mad This Time.

And there was no objection over the content of the story or the facts.

It was they just, as I was told, they just didn't like it or it was a story that they felt was unfavorable at times.”

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