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Highlights: CDC Director Testifies On Pandemic Response

Rochelle Walensky Scoffs at Congress When They Mention Her Failures

The House Covid Select Committee took turns questioning CDC Director Rochelle Walensky before she officially resigns.

I put together a few highlights from todays hearing that are worth noting.

  1. In her opening remarks, Walensky brags about how great of a job she and the CDC did at “following the science.” One example she gave to prove this was a study that showed 3ft of social distancing was just as safe as 6ft, so they updated their guidance. You don’t have to be a rocket science to know what pseudoscience is. Or to know that airborne viruses are airborne whether you’re 6ft or 3ft away from someone for a long period of time. In this case, Walensky was referring to a school classroom. The fallacy here is that anyone sitting in a classroom for a long period of time will be impacted by airborne virus whether they’re 3 ft or 6 ft apart—yet this is one thing she seems very proud of by leading with it in her opening statement.

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